Welcome To Precision Virtual!

This Is Virtual Reality

We’re glad you’re here! Precision Virtual provides a mobile Virtual Reality experience that can be setup at most locations for parties and events. We provide next level VR to Delaware and the surrounding area!

Our mobile booths typically consist of setting up a ~140sqft Virtual Reality booth in which players can experience a true VR world where their movements in real life translate to movement in the virtual world. We’ve tested the technology we use extensively, both for reliability and immersive, fun gameplay, and we think you’ll love it!

If you haven’t experienced Virtual Reality, it’s time to see what you’re missing! The combination of immersive games and puzzles, to out of this world (and under the ocean) experiences, will leave you eager to get back to the virtual world!

In the examples around the site, you’ll see some screenshots of the titles we have to offer. These games range from mini-golf, to arcade shooters, to archery challenges! We also have some titles that are a bit more realistic – from zombie shooters to sword and shield combat, and these are sure to be a hit with both teenage and adult events!

Check out our VR in Delaware page to get a glimpse of what we love about VR and why we’re here!

Visiting from our first and awesome venture Precision Paintball? Feel free to stay a while or head back to Precision Paintball with the link in the navigation! We’re excited to offer entertainment through different avenues!


Ready to learn more about our options? Check out our Virtual Reality Parties page above, or contact us to learn more by clicking the button below!